Mystic Seaport

(La Amistad at Mystic Seaport)

Back in January after I got back from India (see how behind I am?), I went to Mystic Seaport, Connecticut for a reportage class. It was fantastic! Also, fantastically cold. It was snowing, the watercolors were freezing (fingers and toes too) but it was a great drawing experience. The amount of history in that small town is incredible, and the workers there are so ready to throw it all at you if you ask.

(La Amistad in the snow (with frozen watercolors!))

(Usually, Mystic is full of people who are keeping alive old New England traditions, but during the winter it's much quieter because there are no efficient heating systems available for the historic buildings. Fortunately we still were able to listen to a man play traditional sailor songs and sea shanties, and watch a blacksmith demonstration.)

Also, here are a couple figure drawings from the studio portion of the class.

(Looks a little like Cruella DeVille on the left, no?)